A brochure is a professional showcase for your business. It's a salesman that is always working, showing your vision, defining your mission and proving your expertise. Your brochure is the first conversation between your business and prospective clients, answering the initial questions about who, why and how. It should give someone a taste of what you have to offer without having to walk through your door, but yet leave them wanting to make that trip to your store.


Why use a brochure anymore?

A brochure may seem like an outdated form of marketing, being replaced by websites and social media. It normally contains basically the same information as your online resources, and has a design approach similar to a website layout. So why use a brochure anymore these days? Even though everything is going digital, print marketing still has its value in the world...

Consumers are aesthetic

If it speaks enough to them, they will pick it up and read more. If it contains the right information they will hold on to it. A brochure is more physical than a website; a treasure found in an unexpected place that the finder can connect with. For the viewer, it can feel like a closer relation to you and your purpose. A brochure reliably contains needed information in the same place it was the last time it was used, and it saves those little important notes that may have been jotted down on the margin. Sometimes its easier to keep that important info right where it's needed, than to navigate the internet for it.

Create points of contact

Its vitally important for business to create multiple points of contact between themselves and prospective clients. This not only solidifies your presence in the market, but gives people a sense of trust and reliability in your service. In a world of online promotion, a brochure is another great way to let specific audiences know you exist. If a consumer can pick up a professional looking brochure, you will come across as well organized and knowledgeable, and they will likely follow up their interest through your online resources.


Great for Trade Shows

A brochure can be a great help for trade shows, workshops, seminars, etc. Even if you may be answering the same questions face-to-face with someone, it's nice to be able to pass on that important information as a reminder. When it's hard to keep up with the crowds and commotion, a brochure can speak for you while you demonstrate your expertise in what you do.


Create a silent salesman

Worth Design can help you create that trusty and tireless paper sales associate. With some creative thinking and some good planning, you can start driving more traffic to your business. There is a variety of options available to implement a successful brochure to the public, let Worth Design find the perfect solution for your marketing approach.