Logo & Brand Design


Quality Design Creates Professional Branding

A solid, meaningful logo is the basis to forming a successful brand. When you have a logo design that represents everything you're about in a simple, easily recognizable form, you can implement your brand in a plethora of applications. There are some important aspects to consider for how you represent your business or organization, but some careful thinking and planning ahead will streamline the process to successful branding.


Keep An Appearance

Developing an array of imagery to identify your business and its name will allow your audience to easily recognize you among your competition. Find your style, develop a fashion and convey your emotion. When you keep a consistency to how you display yourself and your products or services, branding becomes easier to implement in every application.


Show Your Colors

Choosing a simple, complementary color palette that represents your image will boost your brand and help to set you apart from your competitors. Keep it limited so you can gain a sense of ownership to your color(s). Be thoughtful about the environment around which your branding will be applied. Decide if you want to fit into that nature or stand apart. Consistency in your color schemes will develop recognition for your name and reputation.


Symbolize Your Name

Your logo needs to be a representation of your name, imagery and colors. The design should be immediately identifiable, and should give the viewer some insight into what/who the logo stands for. Its important to keep it simple enough to understand at both the smallest and the largest scale application. Think of your logo as a solid stamp you could brand into leather if needed. It should remain coherent under any circumstance. Imagine displaying your logo on any and everything, and you will start to create a solid understanding of how to present your brand.

Worth Design will help you deploy a strong and attractive logo, while boosting your branding and marketing efforts with great design and prosperous results. With over 10 years experience in design and print, you will be impressed with the quality and value of your marketing powerhouse. Using modern techniques and technologies along with a vast knowledge of digital and printing applications, Worth Design can develop a solution for your branding operations and help lead you to success!