Marketing Materials

Printed marketing materials are essential to most any branding and marketing effort. Use them to capture your audience with your own unique style and emotion. Employ your logo, colors and words to embed your identity into the market, and stand out among the rest. Reach more people and expand opportunities by spreading around materials that represent you.

Worth Design has been developing marketing and branding solutions for over 10 years, helping people grow their businesses and spread their cause. You will see immediate results and positive feed back from your clientele. Call or email today and get the best service for developing your business marketing materials.

Brand Identity Package

Developing an attractive and functional 'brand identity package' will create a very solid base to begin marketing your brand. This can consist of many different things, but at the very least will contain your business card, letterhead and envelopes, brochures or pamphlets, and any other hand-out items essential to promoting your brand. You could include any informational cd/dvd's, coupons or sale promotions, stickers, and other promo freebies. Make it your own... with a vast world of printing and digital multimedia, you can create a unique package of marketing materials tailored to your brand and your audience.


Business Cards

The ultimate form of physical business identification. A tangible, easily carried, widely accepted person-to-person marketing tool. It's your calling card and link to your online sources. It tells who you are, what you have offer and directs people to your business. From simple, full-color printed cardstock, to linens, recyclables and extra thick papers; there is a unique business card solution for any application.



A brochure comes in so many forms, creating a versatile marketing tool for just about any business need. Utilizing the vast availability of printing options, there is a million and one ways to deploy a successful brochure that offers great insight into your mission and your appeal. Organize your products and detail your services with a professionally designed brochure.


Personalized stationary gives you that successful, qualified look to your professional correspondences. Repetition is a sure way to get people to remember your name and brand. Displaying your contact information in as many places possible will help to make sure people know how to find you. Great looking stationary will impress your clients and show them that you care about your integrity and spell out confidence in your work!


Direct Mail Marketing

Utilize your mailing lists and put your message into the hands of your customers. Send custom postcards and flyers, or send catalogs with coupons and sales. Create invitations and newsletters with personal messages for each person in your address book. Stay on your customers minds with consistent and useful information. Repetitive mailing techniques can pay off if you offer useful content to your subscribers.



Calendars are a great way to create awareness of your brand. Hand out a freebie that people will be looking at every day for a whole year! Express your identity and reach the hearts of your audience with the images you display for each month. A calendar is integral to staying organized, and much needed in our daily lives, so give people something that will help them day after day.