Photo Restoration

Save your old photographs

Old memories have been kept in photographs for a very long time. Over the years, those photos become cracked and faded, some may have encountered unfortunate spills and stains, and some could eventually become beyond repair. Now days most everything is created, stored, and displayed digitally, so we don't have to worry about the wear and tear. But thanks to modern technology, we don't have to worry about loosing those antique views of the past.

Convert to digital

Scanning your images and converting them into image files is the first step in retaining those instances of history. Using a high-quality photo scanner will preserve the best representation of your photos for future reproduction. The best and easiest way to store the files is on flash drive. They are cheap, quite durable, very easy to make copies and can hold literally thousands of images. Your old photographs can then be enjoyed on your computer, tablet, and phone; or prints could be made and given to those who want to share the memories.


Restore images

Modern photography software can be utilized to fix those blemishes and sometimes create a clearer image than before. Cracks and folds can be erased, missing sections can be restored on an old photograph once scanned to a file. Details can be improved by digitally painting color and contrast enhancements, bringing the picture back to life and more enjoyable than ever before.


Photo restoration service

It can be a tedious process to scan in a collection of photographs, and a lot of knowledge is required to correctly restore images. That's why Worth Design is ready to help you save those memories of the past. Each set of photos will have it's own specific needs to be tended to, so a custom quote can be made for each job. Ask about your photo restoration project today.