Domains & Hosting

The Domain and Web Hosting is important to the existence of your website; by understanding both you will know how to keep your website up and running. Both are an essential part of having a location on the web for you to share your information. The Domain is the address that brings everyone to your website (e.g. The domain is setup through a domain name registrar, and must be registered yearly in order to keep the name.  Web Hosting is the service that gives you a a little piece of property on the internet.  Hosting providers offer space on their web servers for holding the files that make up your website.


Worth Design can help set up Domains and Hosting accounts so you don't have to worry about any confusion with options and configurations. Choose the domain/hosting service provider of your choice or get help choosing the best fit for your website. Get full support with maintaining your account(s), and only worry about the billing to keep your website active.